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Amy Brooke Snider

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
Relationship to Pratt–
I have been at Pratt Institute since February 1979, first as an instructor and then, Chair of Art and Design Education, for 30 years.  After stepping down as chair and a year leave,
I am back teaching in the department full-time.
Year of Object–Several years 
Location–I wore these sheepskin gloves to Pratt and back home during many winters.   

I save many things. For me, an alternative to saving is recycling. I became a matchmaker installing objects, people and ideas in new “homes.” Last month, I assessed my collection of sheepskin right-hand gloves, saved because I had hoped one of the colors would be repeated and provide me with a replacementwhen I would inevitably loose one of my next new pair. Inspired by my increasing skill with a digital camera, I began photographing the gloves and realized that I didn’t need them anymore. They existed on my computer.

So what does this have to do with a Pratt memory? My collection reminded me of Jean Shin, a student in my Ideas about Art and Selfclass several years ago who, as editor of the Prattler, invited me to contribute to the paper’s special issue on education. Thinking that Jean could use the gloves in one of her art pieces/installations. I emailed her a photo and, with her permission, sent her the gloves.

And Jean then invited me to submit a Pratt memory with a photo to RECALL.How lovely that the memory is of Jean!